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Welcome to the LockNLube Garage Sale where you can purchase
quality new and used products at deep discounts!

Garage Sale inventory will post when available, check back often to see what great deals we have in stock.

All used item sales are final, with no returns or warranty.
Details and condition vary by product, please read the full product listing.

These Couplers were inspected in our warehouse and found to be in good shape but may require a new seal, which is why we've included a new Universal Rebuild Kit (a $9.99 value) with each Coupler. Just follow the instructions printed on the bag to swap out the seal and jaws if the coupler leaks at all.

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This is a NEW item, offered at a deep discount, get them before they are gone!

Replaces any threaded grease gun barrel with common 2.2806" × 16 UNF threads, including the LNL151 and LNL153 grease guns. Simply unscrew the barrel and follower from your grease gun and install the follower into the clear barrel.

Note: The clear barrel is not compatible with our yellow, pistol grip grease gun (LNL252) or the Alemite guns.

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In excellent condition, these are returned items that you can now buy for half price!

Pictures shown here are for illustration purposes only. Actual handle and tool color may vary.

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Lot of regular grease couplers. Available only as a lot of 114, individually packaged.

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We had a box of Jake's get wet and take on a bit of cosmetic corrosion. Still perfectly functional, just not the shiny new product we sell new.

We've combined them (294 in total) with a Jake's Handle and are offering them at a discount.

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All Pictures shown here are for illustration purposes only. Actual product appearance may vary.

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