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Alemite 555-E Grease Gun, LockNLube® Grease Coupler, and swivel


The right grease gun and the right grease coupler for the job.  This Alemite 555E Grease Gun comes with an 18″ hose, swivel, and LockNLube® Grease Coupler + a spare seal kit.

  • Develops up to 7,500 psi pressure
  • Simple, quick priming – heavy duty follower spring to maintain prime
  • Exclusive dual leverage feature – volume or pressure mode
  • Ergonomic, rugged cast handle
  • Universal follower for cartridge and bulk use
  • Reliable, long lasting coupler
  • Accepts standard 14 oz. grease cartridges, suction, or bulk filling
  • Bleeder valve


This Alemite pistol-grip 555-E bundle includes: The Alemite 555 grease gun, an 18″ hose, in-line hose swivel, LockNLube® Grease Coupler, and a spare seal kit for the coupler. It includes a dual leverage feature – allowing you to choose between high volume or high pressure mode. The 555 delivers grease at pressures up to 7,500 pounds per square inch (psi) in high-pressure mode, and grease at a rate of 1 oz. per 30 strokes in high-volume mode. The 555 can load grease three ways: 14 oz. cartridge, suction, or fast refill from an Alemite loader pump.

This grease gun has a die cast aluminum head for lightweight durability, and a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. Also included is an in-line swivel for the grease hose. This allows you to position the trigger on the LockNLube® Grease Coupler however you like without spinning the grease gun.

We show you what’s included with the Alemite 555-E when you buy from LockNLube. We believe this is the best pistol-grip grease gun on the market.



We love the way that the Alemite 500 works, but when we were done using it, there was no good way to tame the grease hose and prevent it from getting grease on whatever it touched. We created the patent pending “Loop & Lock” system to tame the grease hose, prevent accidental spillage, and help keep your equipment, and your clothes, clean. The LockNLube® Grease Coupler locks on to the inert grease fitting to hold it in place until you are ready to use the grease gun again. It also serves as a handy way to carry or store the grease gun. This feature comes standard on all of the Alemite 500 grease guns that we sell.



Loop & Lock makes carrying grease guns easy and mess-free.


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