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Grease Buster - Regular Size


  • Cleans grease fittings & bearings
  • Uses penetrating oil and hydraulic pressure
  • Reduces down time
  • Much cheaper than new bearings!
  • One Year Warranty with normal use
  • 2 Sizes – regular and shop size
  • Hose extension for either model available

Paul Michener invented Grease Buster Tools and makes the toughest tools on the market for dealing with plugged grease fittings from his home in Waynesville, Ohio.

The Regular Size Grease Buster is a smaller, but still tough version, of the Shop Sized Grease Buster. It is also compatible with the hose adaptor for hard-to-reach fittings.

The Grease Buster’s piston, included with the product, is hollow and should be filled with a liquid (not aerosol) penetrating oil. Seat the piston in the Grease Buster, attach the coupler to your Zerk fitting, and tap the piston with a hammer. This forces the penetrating oil into the fitting and loosens it for regular greasing.

Customers with a pneumatic hammer who wish to use the pneumatic piston with their Grease Buster need to purchase the Shop Sized version, which is compatible with the pneumatic piston.



The Grease Buster is the answer to a problem that many people have lived with for a long time. Plugged up grease fittings and bearings are a problem common in machinery. One greases a machine and the grease can dry out before the machine is used again. The tool consists of a heavy-duty adjustable hydraulic coupler, cylinder and a piston with a knob.

Instructions: Remove the piston. Fill the cylinder by pouring in a penetrating oil. Start the piston back into the cylinder. Place the tool onto the grease fitting and by tapping the piston, forcing the solvent into the fitting and or bearing. The key work is TAP. Using a lightweight hammer and small, rapid taps, work the penetrating oil into the fitting. You’re trying to dissolve the clog, not blast it out of the way. Repeat if necessary.


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  • Cleans grease fittings and bearings
  • Uses penetrating oil and hydraulic pressure
  • One Year Warranty with normal use
  • Reduces downtime, cheaper than new bearings
  • Compatible with the Hose Extension

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