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LockNLube offers three different 90° Adapters to maximize the flexibility of your LockNLube®, or standard, Grease Coupler so you don't have to change your grease gun to reach troublesome fittings. Check it out below to see which adapter is best for your application.

90° Grease Coupler Adapter

A 90° adapter for hard-to-reach grease fittings with three hardened steel jaws. Easily connect and disconnect your grease coupler to the Zerk fitting under the collar. Gives extended reach and a right angle access to tight spaces.

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Push-on 90° Grease Coupler

Grease hard-to-reach fittings that have a very low overhead clearance. Attach your LockNLube® Grease Coupler to the Zerk fitting in the back then push on from the side to connect to any grease fitting.

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Simple 90° Coupler 

Our narrowest right angle adapter. This tool is ideal for small openings or recesses on the machine. Use in confined and narrow spaces where grease fittings are hard to reach.

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Need more options? Check out the LNL210, our popular 8-Piece Quick Connect Accessory Kit that includes all 3 of our 90° adapters plus 5 more useful tools.


  1. Simple 90° Adaptor
  2. Push-On 90° Adapter
  3. 90° Grease Coupler Adaptor
  4. Narrow Needle Extension
  5. Grease Injector Needle
  6. Recessed (Cup) Extension
  7. Seal-Off Adapter
  8. Flexible Hose Extension


  • Rip-stop case can be rolled and secured with attached velcro strap to keep tools clean and portable
  • Grommets allow hanging for easy access to the tools
  • All tools include a Zerk fitting in the back for easy connection and release from LockNLube® or traditional, grease coupler
  • One-year warranty against all defects

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