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About Us

Russell Barnes had been a logger for over 30 years. By 2013, he had grown more and more frustrated with greasing the 75 fittings on his Rottne SMV Harvester. He was wasting grease, time, and energy and he vowed to find a better way.

Russell teamed up with the South African manufacturer of a new locking grease coupler to bring their product to North America and create the LockNLube brand. Since then, the product has gone through several iterations, each time improving in response to feedback from our customers: the farmers, loggers, truckers, and others who grease their machines every day.

What started with one revolutionary product has grown to encompass our mission to “End Greasing Frustration”. We are a family-owned business with a singular focus on our customers and we hope that our products improve the lives of all our customers. We stand behind what we sell with customer service, a satisfaction guarantee, and a commitment to selling only the highest-quality equipment.


The LockNLube® Grease Coupler was the first departure from the conventional coupler design in over 80 years – and it was long overdue. For those in North America, LockNLube brings this grease coupler directly from the inventor and manufacturer to you...