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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I replace the seal in my LocknLube® grease coupler?

All new LOCKNLUBE® Grease Couplers have replaceable seals. Visit our article and video to see how to easily swap out an old seal for a new one. Note that older couplers without “Made in South Africa” stamped on the sleeve tab have a permanent seal that cannot be replaced.

Can I use the LOCKNLUBE® Grease Coupler to lubricate in very tight places or in recessed fitting ?

As a high pressure, heavy duty grease coupler, it will fit into the majority of recesses (the diameter on the front is 0.63in (16mm), only 0.04in (1mm) greater than most standard push-on couplers).

The diameter of the LOCKNLUBE® Grease Coupler is smaller than a number of the most common heavy duty grease couplers.

While the The LOCKNLUBE® coupler is compatible with most recesses and nipple placements, it may not fit into very tight or some recessed spaces. We recommend our many quick connect adapters to get at those hard-to-reach fitting without swapping out your LOCKNLUBE® Grease Coupler.

Accessibility to the odd hard-to-reach zerk, can often be resolved by fitting a different variation of Zerk grease fitting. One with a longer neck, shorter neck, 45 degree bend, right angle (90 degree) bend, etc. These fittings are usually low cost items that are very easy to replace.

We have had a couple of questions about this, but in the end our customers still believe that this small shortcoming is greatly outweighed by the many benefits.

The coupler looks bigger than the standard coupler, will it get to all my fittings?

Yes, the coupler is a little bigger than the standard coupler. The barrel is about 1mm larger. No, it may not get at all of your fittings. There are however a couple of work-arounds.

First, maybe the troublesome fitting can be dealt with by replacing it with one of a different angle say a 45 or 90 degree.

Or, you could try one of our quick connect adapters.

Check out our article on hard-to-reach grease fittings for more solutions.

What greases guns does the LocknLube grease coupler fit onto

The LOCKNLUBE® grease coupler can be used on manual lever action, pistol grip, trigger action, battery powered (cordless) and pneumatic (air operated and powered) greasing equipment.

We even stock specialty swivels to add to your battery powered grease guns.

What is the highest pressure i can use with the Locknlube® Grease Coupler?

Our internal testing has had the LOCKNLUBE® coupler seal on the grease fitting at 690 bar (10,000 psi) consistently (see demonstration of grease coupler sealing under high pressure).

This means you can use the LOCKNLUBE® Coupler on heavy-duty industrial pumps and pneumatic grease pumps with pressure ratings up to 690 bar (10,000 psi).

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