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All new LOCKNLUBE® Grease Couplers have replaceable seals. Visit our article and video to see how to easily swap out an old seal for a new one. Note that older couplers without “Made in South Africa” stamped on the sleeve tab have a permanent seal that cannot be replaced.

As a high pressure, heavy duty grease coupler, it will fit into the majority of recesses (the diameter on the front is 0.63in (16mm), only 0.04in (1mm) greater than most standard push-on couplers).

The diameter of the LOCKNLUBE® Grease Coupler is smaller than a number of the most common heavy duty grease couplers.

While the The LOCKNLUBE® coupler is compatible with most recesses and nipple placements, it may not fit into very tight or some recessed spaces. We recommend our Quick-Connect Hose Adaptor to get at those hard-to-reach fitting without swapping out your LOCKNLUBE® Grease Coupler.

Accessibility to the odd hard-to-reach zerk, can often be resolved by fitting a different variation of Zerk grease fitting. One with a longer neck, shorter neck, 45 degree bend, right angle (90 degree) bend, etc. These fittings are usually low cost items that are very easy to replace.

We have had a couple of questions about this, but in the end our customers still believe that this small shortcoming is greatly outweighed by the many benefits.

Yes, the coupler is a little bigger than the standard coupler. The barrel is about 1mm larger. No, it may not get at all of your fittings. There are however a couple of work-arounds.

First, maybe the troublesome fitting can be dealt with by replacing it with one of a different angle say a 45 or 90 degree.

Or, you could try our Quick-Connect Hose Adaptor.

Check out our article on hard-to-reach grease fittings for more solutions.

The LOCKNLUBE® grease coupler can be used on manual lever action, pistol grip, trigger action, battery powered (cordless) and pneumatic (air operated and powered) greasing equipment. Examples of compatible brands include:

  • Lincoln
  • Lumax
  • Alemite
  • Plews lubrication (Edelmann)
  • Grainger
  • SKF
  • John Deere
  • Macnaught
  • Sealey
  • Draper
  • Milwaukee ** please click here for more info **
  • … almost any grease gun should work

Our internal testing has had the LOCKNLUBE® coupler seal on the grease fitting at 690 bar (10,000 psi) consistently (see demonstration of grease coupler sealing under high pressure).

This means you can use the LOCKNLUBE® Coupler on heavy-duty industrial pumps and pneumatic grease pumps with pressure ratings up to 690 bar (10,000 psi).

All new LOCKNLUBE® Grease Couplers have replaceable seals. Give us a call at 603-795-2298.

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