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One of the things that used to bother us when greasing was occasionally needing to spin or rotate our grease gun so that the trigger on the LockNLube® Grease Coupler fit properly in tight spots.  We often heard the same from our customers, especially those using pistol grip grease guns.

That’s why we’ve started stocking a simple swivel that eliminates this problem. This swivel at the base of your grease hose (or in the back of your LockNLube® Grease Coupler if you don’t mind the extra length) allows the hose to spin freely. It gives you the range of motion you need to rotate the coupler, without doing acrobatics with your grease gun.

We only recommend using these swivels on manual grease guns, because they are rated to 3.500 psi.  We haven't had one leak on us yet, though, even when we really crank on the lever of our Alemite 500-E. Visit our store to see more product details.

Alex shows the swivel installed on the Alemite 500-E.