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Even if you aren’t ready to go all-in on building a custom mounting rail and rerouting a bunch of grease fittings to a central point on your machine, you still may think about fixing one or two that cause the most trouble with a remote, or relocation, hose. The female Zerk fitting can be the missing piece in that equation.

We love this part for all the DIY options it opens up. We use it to build our quick-connect hose adaptors, and sell it to folks who want to remove troublesome Zerks and instead run a length of hose from the fitting to an easy-to-reach place. With this fitting on the other end of the hose, you’ve got a simple, custom solution for remote access to tough fittings.

If you’d rather build than buy, we’ve got relocation hose kits in our store, which include 45 and 90-degree elbows for changing the angle of the hose leaving the machine. No matter how you put yours together, be sure to fill the hose with grease before connecting to your machine. Blasting a bunch of air into your bearings will be a bad way to inaugurate your new remote access hose.