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No matter what machines you run, there are fittings that cause problems. Maybe they’re buried deep behind a metal shield, so gunked up you can’t even find them, or it’s a U-joint that you can’t get into without endless shifting and shuffling to get that angle just right.

We’ve been there too and have some ideas for taking the frustration out of greasing.

The LockNLube® Grease Coupler XL

This coupler is built for recessed grease fittings. With almost 4 inches of reach, this will get at even the deepest fittings in axles, U joints, harvester heads and shielded PTO shafts. While it won’t solve the problem of fittings that require a 90-degree adaptor to reach, it will give you the same confidence that grease is going in, not on, your machine. It's the same confidence that you get from the original LockNLube® Grease Coupler. In addition, the XL will release easily from recessed fittings, even under extreme pressures. This means no more fighting to crack the coupler off to the side to get it to release from a fitting in a hole somewhere. Simply push down on the thumb lever and move on to the next grease fitting.

The Quick Connect

The LockNLube® Quick Connect is our solution to getting into those tight spots. We build ours with top-quality materials: an Alemite narrow coupler, a Umeta hose rated to more than 10,000 PSI, and a high-quality grease fittings. The LockNLube® Grease Coupler grabs onto the grease fittings and leaves you with both hands to get the narrow coupler into those tight spots. When you’re done, push the trigger on your LockNLube® Grease Coupler, release the Quick Connect, and you’re ready to grease the rest of the machine. Learn more on the product page.

If you’d rather build than buy: grab a spare grease fitting, grease hose, and coupler and put them together. If you’re using a LockNLube® Grease Coupler, it’s not going to pop off under pressure, so make sure your hose can handle whatever PSI your grease gun puts out.

The Angled Grease Fitting

We’ve all been through greasing those tough fittings without questioning if it’s the grease fitting, and not the greasing equipment, that should change. Oftentimes the easiest and cheapest solution is to swap out a straight grease fitting for a 45° or 90° grease fitting to make those tight spots easier to reach. We stock high quality fittings in our store if you are ready to add angled fittings to your machine. 

The Remote Access Hose

If an angled grease fitting isn’t enough of a change to make a fitting easy to reach, we create our own hose adaptors to bring the grease fitting away from the machine and out from behind metal shields or tight angles. Remove the existing grease fitting, screw in a length of grease hose to the fitting, and add a female grease fitting on the other end of the grease hose. Now you have an easy-to-reach grease fitting that feeds into those tight spots. Check out our relocation kit product page for more information.

The Grease Injector Needle

We’re all about leak-free options for greasing, so the injector needle isn’t our first choice. However, some of our customers prefer needles to get at really tight fittings. If you know how to use them, you can do pretty clean work too. We carry two lengths of injector needle in our store. To see the needle adaptor being used well, check out a pro at work.