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How to Prime Your G. Gun Grease Gun

The G. Gun Grease Gun is the most powerful grease gun on the market and the ultimate tool in industrial greasing strength. The G. Gun features a unique two stage pump that eliminates the need for a follower plate and makes refilling and using the G. GUn easy and clean.

With the G. Gun you spend a lot less time refilling or replacing grease tub cartridges and a lot more time getting your equipment greased, simply by pumping your foot. The canister holds almost two gallons of grease - the equivalent of over 20 standard tubes. 

The G. Gun Grease Gun includes a LockNLube Grease Coupler, a 10 foot two-wire high-pressure grease hose, and a G. Scoop for clean and easy filling.

The first time you use a G. Gun it is important to prime the grease gun to get grease flowing through the 10-foot hose before filling all the way. Here are a few tips on this quick and easy process.