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🚨 Pressure Return Valves - SHOP NOW

Introducing The LockNLube Pressure Return Valve! A must-have for your cordless grease gun!

LockNLube's mission has always been to END GREASING FRUSTRATION. We that in mind, we are so excited to bring you this innovative solution to a persistent issue that every person who uses a cordless battery grease gun deals with.

We have all had that experience of going to grease a Zerk and finding out that it doesn't take grease because these guns so quickly build so much pressure that before you know it, it's cycled two or three times, and you've got 10,000+ pounds of back pressure in the hose.

The LockNLube Pressure Return Valve solves the issue of the pressure lock that these guns create when you hit a clogged grease fitting. 

With the LockNLube Pressure Return Valve you now have the ability to return all that back pressure, and all that grease that's sitting in the hose, and bring it right back into your tube of grease.

What that means is no wasted grease, no mess, and a really clean easy disconnect from these clogged grease fittings.

Three versions customized to the most popular Battery Grease Guns:

  • LNL83100-M Compatible with Milwaukee® Brand M18™ and M12 ™ and RYOBI® ONE+ 18V Cordless Grease Guns
  • LNL81300-D Compatible with DeWalt® 20V Max* Cordless Grease Guns
  • LNL81300-L Compatible with Lincoln® 1800-Series PowerLuber Cordless Grease Guns

Check out the video below for more! ↓