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Is manual or automatic greasing of truck components better?

Is manual or automatic greasing of truck components better?

July 17, 2023

The pros and cons of manual grease guns, automated lubrication systems, and slick solutions that fall somewhere in between.

by Gregg Wartgow excerpted from

There is no disputing the importance of ensuring all grease points on a commercial vehicle remain properly lubricated at all times. What’s up for debate, though, is how to actually go about applying the grease. Manual, auto, or something in between? One benefit of lubricating with a hand-operated grease gun is that the technician stays close to the vehicle.

“The ritual of greasing is an opportunity for inspection,” said Jay Boren, president of LockNLube, a manufacturer of grease guns, couplers, and greasing accessories. Using a manual grease gun also gives the technician a feel for how grease is moving into the fitting. Is the fitting taking grease easily, slowly, or not at all? Close proximity to that process helps determine if a fitting ever needs to be cleaned or replaced, for example.


As stated earlier, some fleets find hand-greasing does offer some benefits. Hand-greasing becomes even more appealing when the technician uses tools that make it easier...

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