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Priming a Grease Gun and Troubleshooting Air Pockets

Priming a grease gun is not a tough task when you know a few tricks to bleed air from the grease gun and get the grease moving easily through the hose or extension. Follow these quick and easy steps to get your grease gun primed and ready.

1. Load and Prime Grease Gun - Part 1

We show you how to easily load and prime a grease gun to bleed air and clear air locks, which works for any make or model of grease gun. So stop fighting to get your grease gun primed with these easy tricks.

2. Load and Prime Grease Gun - Part 2

Here we will break down a grease gun to show you exactly how it works and why our tricks for bleeding air and priming are the ultimate solution.

3. Getting a Grease Gun to Prime - Quick and Easy

Priming a grease gun can be tough, but here's a quick and easy way to fix that. By locking out the follower rod, pushing against a hard surface, and giving the air somewhere to escape, you'll haver your grease gun primed in no time!

4. Grease Gun Plunger Rod is Stuck - What to do

On occasion the grease gun follower rod can get locked unexpectedly, preventing it from moving up through the grease and storing before use. Watch this video to learn the best way to resolve this issue.