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Replacing and Relocating Grease Fittings - Spring Cleaning

As we write this the snow is melting in New Hampshire everyone is getting their machines out and ready for the spring. Here's a quick guide to using LockNLube products to get all your grease fittings clean, functional, and easily accessible. 



The best way to avoid clogged grease fittings is to keep them clean, and greased regularly. While it may be impossible to keep a manure spreaders or baler clean, Grease Fitting Caps go a long way towards keeping dirt and grime out of your grease Zerks. 



If there's one thing more frustrating than trying to grease sticky Zerks, it's having to replace them. If you broke off the heads of Zerk fittings using an old traditional grease coupler, the right tools can make it easy to replace. 

We sell four-way tools in two sizes that give you an easy way to extract broken fittings, rethread new fittings, and retap stripped holes. If you need new Zerks, we have those too. 



It's no secret that many machines get put together without a thought to where the grease Zerks are placed. This means reaching down into impossibly tight spots, around corners, through shields, or even disassembling covers just to reach them. Our relocation kits replace the grease fitting with an elbow adaptor and a length of hose with a grease Zerk on the end. You can now decide exactly where you want the grease Zerk to be and stop fighting to get your grease gun down into those tight spots. Learn more on the product page